IN.COACH Qualität

  • Hervorragend qualifizierte Trainer
  • Hohe Praxisorientierung und Effektivität
  • Individuelle Betreuung

Coaching Institut

  • Seminarzentrum in Düsseldorf
  • 30+ Kursprogramme und Ausbildungsreihen
  • 9 Trainer & Coaches

For connected and happy families


  • psychological needs of children
  • conflict management and problem
  • solving skills
  • self-awareness and feedback
  • communication skills

Course structure

The course is based on the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience. These findings merge the educational raising models of non-violent authority and guided upbringing. Learn the key features of these models and find your own way in five steps:

  • increase your confidence in your abilities to support your children’s development
  • clarify your family’s values and determine how you want to raise your children
  • strengthen your identity as an educator
  • establish clear communication rules within your family
  • empower yourself to identify and solve problems

What you can expect

The course sessions will be guided by the questions, interests, and needs of the parents. Every meeting has a main topic of the day. The trainer gives a theoretical introduction to the topic and guides the group through the content with a range of exercises. These exercises will include group work, group discussion, and role playing. To transfer what you have learned to your family life, you will receive an exercise for the week to implement at home.


RAISE resilient, responsible, independent CHILDREN BECOME confident, relaxed, happy PARENTS BE a peaceful, loving, connected FAMILY


Great for parent with kids from 3 – 14.



SEMINAR.HAUS Düsseldorf, Brehmstr. 3, 40239 Düsseldorf



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