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FAIR 4 ALL: reliable teamdecicions with the Process For Acceptance

Kommunikation & Zusammenarbeit   

✔ conflict-free decision making
✔ unleash creativity
✔ reliable solutions

Making a decision together as a team is an art that can unleash creativity and productivity if successful. But how does it work?

When people meet to work together and carry out projects, decisions have to constantly be made. However as the complexity of decision making increases, the usual methods often reach their limits resulting in decisions based on competition or popularity rather than sustainability.

So how can sustainable joint decisions be made?

One option is the systemic consensus method, an increasingly popular methodology, promoting system‑dependent cooperation and constructive behavior.

During this conference, you will learn how systemic consensus can help you make sustainable decisions with high acceptance. This is particularly useful in complex projects as it avoids systemic struggles, the division into winners and losers and disadvantages of other known decisions making methods and instead changes the dynamic so that cooperation becomes one of the main success factors.







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