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Effective conflict resolution and appreciative communication

Selbstmanagement    Kommunikation & Zusammenarbeit   

✔ Transforming relationsships
✔ Solve conflicts - privately and professionally

Effective conflict resolution and appreciative communication – an introduction to Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

Conflict wether in the family or at work can significantly impact your energy level. The problem is not the conflict itself but rather the way we handle it. The nonviolent communication methodology will provide you with tools to escape the usual conflict patterns of winning and losing. Not only is NVC a method of communication but it is also an attitude characterized by mutual appreciation and respect, towards others and oneself! Every conflict provide an opportunity to clarify your values and grow together.


  • The four steps of NVC.
  • The power of interpretation, its tragic and ways to avoid
  • Taking over responsibility for feelings and needs
  • Complete and appreciative expression of anger
  • 4 ways of reaction
  • Empathic listening


In this 2 day introduction course you will get a better understanding of the NVC methodology and its practical usage. You will gain awareness and learn methods on how to communicate concerns / issues in a way which will likely increase the cooperation of your counterpart. Based on your own examples, you will get a better understanding of your personal communication behavior and ways to adjust your thought process and communication patterns.
Coaches and Counselors attending the class will learn NVC methods that they can easily integrate into their work.


Presentations, Discussions, small group work, individual work


• Managers, staff members, staff and work councils, HR,
• Counselors, Coaches, Trainer, Social Workers, Mediators, Teachers,
• Everybody who is unsatisfied with the common ways of handling conflicts




The courses design allows participants to bring in and work on their own topics.


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